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May 1, 2016 / Tampa, FL / The National Motivation Network, a Tampa based purpose driven organization is now offering free motivation to anyone looking to keep up with new year resolutions.

Using a nationwide network of trained professionals, The National Motivation Network delivers motivation by phone, email, web chat or instant messages sent directly to cellular phones or mobile devices.

The brain child of internet marketing genius Daniel St.Pierre, The National Motivation Network utilizes available technology to provide motivation in times when it is needed most.

“The motivation concept is nothing new, but the way we deliver it, now that’s extraordinary,” says St.Pierre, founder and CEO of  The National Motivation Network. He adds “until now similar motivation services were only available to wealthy executives or super stars. Through a network we established over the past few years we are now able to provide a multi-channel motivational service cost effectively, to anyone looking to meet or surpass their goals.”

The National Motivation Network is now offering an introductory deal to all new customers which includes one week of free motivation by email. Each purpose driven inspirational message is customized to each person’s goals aimed at establishing a relationship between new customers and The National Motivation Network.

Daniel St.Pierre, co-founder of The National Motivation Network and successful web entrepreneur shares “I know for certain most people could use a motivational lift now and again, our motivation delivery service is not only in demand, it’s an essential part of success, either in professional or personal.”

For a limited time new customers should take advantage of free motivation for one week by visiting The National Motivation Network website at

For more information about The National Motivation Network, please call (813) 421-5490.