National Motivation Network FAQ’s

We have assembled the most frequently asked questions sent to us by visitors to our website, potential and current clients. If you have a question not included herein, feel free to contact us where we will be certain to provide you with answers in a timely fashion.

Q. Do you offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?
A. Yes we do! Shop from your PC with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This 10-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to test our unique interactive service. If for any reason you feel this service is not for you, simply contact our Customer Service department for a full refund!

Q. How does interactive motivation work?
A. It’s really quite simple. First, we help you set reasonable and attainable goals in any or the several areas of life, career or business. Then using the media of your choice, we contact you with as per a preset schedule and motivate you accordingly. The medias we use include phone calls, emails and text message.

Q. Are the phone calls recordings?
A. No they are not. All our motivational phone calls are made by real people who take pride in their role as your motivator.

Q. Are the emails boring, generic spam?
A. Not at all. All our motivational emails are typed by real people who are aware of your personal or business goals. Our system is truly interactive which allows each motivator’s awareness to grow along side you.

Q. What are the text/instant message like?
A. Much like our motivational emails, our text/instant messages are inspiring and to the point helping you achieve or surpass your goals.

Q. What if I need motivation with a “secret” topic? Can you still help me?
A. Yes, most likely. Depending on the sensitivity of your “secret” topic, we will help you focus on what’s most important to you whatever that may be.

Q. Do I have to reply to the emails and text messages?
A. That’s up to you! Our motivators appreciate the interaction with each client but the decision to reply to emails and/or text/instant messages is yours. Replying to emails and text/instant messages will allow for a more successful service.

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